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Milky Elephant

Milky Elephant

Milky Elephant is a professional collective of three unique design artists based in New York. This collective consists of Karl Ackermann, Eun-Ha Paek and Mumbleboy (a.k.a. Kinya Hanada), who together make installations, games, illustrations, music videos, animated series, and artistically inspired designs. They work on an eclectic variety of funky projects spanning from toy design to viral interactive e-postcards that you've probably helped spread. Very quirky, often miniture and cute, it seems like they have a niche around being silly and youthful, which also shows in the variety of mediums they like to craft their projects (everything from coin purses to TV interstitials). Also check out The Milky Shop, the cool pink retro nav (that we really like) and the sites of the three design artists.

Clients: Old Navy, Nike Asia

Posted under us based portfolios, multimedia, illustration, film, motion + video.

Milky Elephant

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animation, art, illustration, Japan, Korea, games, installations, videos, NYC

Reviewed by Filip on Apr 18, 2006



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