Dec 03, 2022

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Joshua Distler

Joshua Distler

This super understated HTML portfolio betrays little of the actual work that went into the selected print and interactive projects. It doesn't scream "Wow. Look at me!", or "Hey, I'm a great web designer!". Nope. None of that. Partly that's because the designers' strength is in print, packaging and book designs. Partly because it's easy to update and shows photos of his work in a really accessible way. And partly because of the Joshaua's obvious love of minimalism. The end result is that we looked through almost all of Joshua's contemporary design works - including his contributions on none other than Apple's iPod and G5 award winning packaging design. Great stuff.

Clients: Apple, Adobe, New Langton Arts

Posted under us based portfolios, graphic design.

Joshua Distler

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identity design, print, packaging, New York City, NYC

Reviewed by Filip on Jun 28, 2006



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