Jun 04, 2023

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Westchester County's finest is none other than independent brand, motion, interactive and graphic designer Andrew Thompson. This self-proclaimed portfolio of "trendy stuff" shows us that Andrew has a solid understanding of the design game and knows where and how to kiss some serious butt. Yes... it's all in the irreverance, isn't it? As long as it sells, kids... as long as it sells! And that's why this great motion graphics designer with a BFA in design is looking for full time work? Please, someone snap him up quick.

Posted under us based portfolios, film, motion + video.


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trendy, graphic design, motion, interactive, hip, talent

Reviewed by Filip on Mar 3, 2006



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Independent web designers, freelancers, solo firms and boutiques predominantly working for screen and online who maintain individual sites, design blogs or personal portfolios. Restricted to individuals located in the United States (see 'International Portfolios' for global listings).



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