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Big Foote Music

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Big Foote Music

"We Make Lives Better Through Music" is the dogma driving Big Foote Music and Sound. For this company, created and driven by musicians, their website reflects their DIY underground roots, yet still conveys a sense of prestige that the company has been building throughout the years. The nice abstract dithering and minimal design helps us focus on the product... which is made for our ears, and only our ears... which really isn't true because their audio work for film, movies, commercials, and TV has been heard by probably more people than you could shake a stick at... in the woods... alone. Ya' hear?

Clients: Chevron, Amex, Nike


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jan 22, 2007


sound design is...

A sub categoey of both mutimedia design and film, motion + video, sound design and audio engineering listings include a select breed of firms who produce sounds for auditory design experiences.



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