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WSDIA WeShouldDoItAll

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WSDIA WeShouldDoItAll

Taking their name in part from a quote by a famous science fiction writer, WSDIA (We Should Do It All) is a Brooklyn, New York-based graphic, interactive, and architecture multi-disciplinary design studio. Sticking with that simple theme of diversity, WSDIA designs, develops and mediates interactive, print, motion and architecture projects for clients in a wide array of professions - such as the arts, architecture, advertising, fashion, and media. Truly one to watch, their work has very crisp, and futuristic egde - from the typography choices to the themes and clients, each project rings out with a clean, bright and youthful appeal. Therefore, it's no surprise that WSDIA was recently named to The Art Director’s Club, 'Young Guns 5' for 2006. The future is certainly bright for this talented collective and company who are ready to take on whatever comes their way.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jun 15, 2006


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Hybrid firms and multimedia agencies that tackle design for everything from print to screen, and everything inbetween - from CD-ROM design to motion, identity design to Flash, sound to interactive design. Not restricted to geographic location.



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