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Stay Honest

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Stay Honest

Honestly, Honest is at the forefront of the new archetype in advertising and design, blending the subversive and the ideal solution all in one. And the easy going folks at Honest cover it all. They've got their print ads and web sites, which are all fine and good, but what is really exciting are their short films and commercials, commissioned by the likes of Diesel, Nike, the band The Gorillaz, and more. What happens when graphic design sensibilities are transposed into short works of cinema? Try downloading a few, and we think you'll agree that the results are awesome. Stay true to Honest, and you'll be surprised with the outcome.

Clients: Harper Collins, Ford, VW (Eos Boutique)


Reviewed by david l. on Mar 12, 2006


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Hybrid firms and multimedia agencies that tackle design for everything from print to screen, and everything inbetween - from CD-ROM design to motion, identity design to Flash, sound to interactive design. Not restricted to geographic location.




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