Jun 04, 2023

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Sticks + Stones

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Sticks + Stones

Charaterized by storytelling, eclectic casting (like monkeys) and natural performances, the commercials made by this agency usually leap off the TV screen. And to compliement that, the site for this commercial production company site really makes good use of the black background, displaying powerful, yet minimal images and fonts, that grab the attention of the viewer and beckon them on. We really enjoyed their reels, but especially their video game reel, where they showcase truly eye-popping motion graphic skills.

Clients: Target, EA Sports, Adidias


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jan 23, 2007


motion design, tv & branding is...

Firms that produce motion design work and effects for film, commercials and videos. Station ids, show packages, commercial shoots, animation, 3D effects, title design, and all things relating to video and motion are considered.



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