May 28, 2023

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Nagi Noda

Nagi NodaFamous across Asia and the West for her analog music videos, art and creative direction, Nagi Noda recently passed away at age 35 from complications after a car accident. Her work brought her from Japan to NY, most recently being signed to Partizan as a music video and commercial director. Her avant garde explorations in the digital and analog mediums were as powerful and symbolically rich in metaphor, as in their impact. Here are some more links: A news article, A fashion video, Her fashion line, A short film.... More

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Nagi Noda


YugopYugo Nakamura is a creative director, designer and engineer exploring various forms of interactive system in digital and networked environment. Exhibited, awarded, and lectured in Asia, U.S.A and Europe.... More

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Obelisk | Masaki Hirokawa

Obelisk - Masaki HirokawaJapanese computer graphic artist and explorer... Freelance web designer and movie programmer, Masaki explores Flash math-based designs, but also his own consciousness, and the intentional repression of feelings. This helps him create his unique and awarded art.... More

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Obelisk - Masaki Hirokawa


Nuec - Taro KudoGet ready to have a wallpaper seizure! If are photo-light sensitive, then be warned, you may need to find a dark corner after checking out this fractal-inspired Flash site of Japanese artist and designer, Taro Kudo. Of course, this is more than a wallpaper site... it's about art, experimentation, and creating a mood. A bit difficult to navigate, sure... but certainly unique! Straight from Tokyo, Japan.... More

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Nuec - Taro Kudo

TYO Interactive Design Inc.

TYO Interactive Design Inc.A top notch interactive agency based in Japan, TYO-ID spares no yen in the development of highly immersive online adverts. Their specialty is bringing electronic products to life onscreen interactively, using Flash and refined graphics to create unique, professional virtual experiences. And they work closely with select advertising agencies and worldwide web agencies in creating these designs for products around the globe. These are the creators of Flash designs that reach out and grab you... or in many cases, make you want to reach out and grab what's on the screen.... More

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TYO Interactive Design Inc.

Less Rain

Less RainThe online home of Less Rain is energized by all the rich media you could name. It's a powerhouse of design prototypes, which is especially impressive from such a small company. Less Rain has a particular ethos: "making a few design elements work more intelligently, unusually, and organically." Their portfolio is a rich compendium of web works for clients like Red Bull and Hennessy, but offline works include the world's largest victory monument for the Nike Scorpion Football Event. This firm can do anything. Anything.... More

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Less Rain


LoworksOh Loworks, how many ways can we count how cool you are? The ways are many... For Loworks is a design studio in Japan with its own unique style and approach to design. Centered in part around illustrated mascots of walking speakers and iPods, Loworks does print, animation, interactive art, web design and some pretty funky animated motion design. We loved their uniquely interactive website, and especially the little music area (which you'll have to find yourself). Kudos to a firm that makes their site fun to explore.... More

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Photon Inc

To all fans of progressive Japanese ideas and experiments... "Hello, we are Photon Inc. and we are looking into new paradigms for instant communication and global messaging in the new online world. Through the RhythmEngine [we bring] music and image communication which has rich emotion to the Web-world. Others have recognized our accomplishment, and we are going to showcase RhythmEngine at SIGGRAPH and ARTS ELECTRONICA. Please get familiar with out project and carry out a test play ... Thank you!"... More

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