May 28, 2023

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MutadoMutado is a renown, but small international firm whose work includes design, animation and interactive work – from brand-supporting print and advertising to online animations, motion design and illustrations. Strong at character work, online systems and games, Mutado's focus is to enable brands to interact with their clients. Which is why, in turn, it's not really a surprise when Mutado's own client list includes the likes of Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon—brands well known for their pioneering use of animation and interaction. Great little site... simple, detail-oriented, and easy to use.... More

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krghettojuiceA clean, independent graphic design studio founded by Italian design Giovanni Paletta, "juice" exhibits a beautiful attention to typographic detail. The work inside runs the gambit from corporate identity to album illustrations and artistic collages — all of which showcase a very pure and precise design execution. Design like a breath of fresh air makes want to take a big gulp, and hold it.... More

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Zaum Think

Zaum ThinkZaum Think is a tight little boutique agency with a passion for branding, print design, identity and website design. Their compact portfolio is marked primarily by a large number of print projects, of which many have a beautiful minimal appearance and clean presentation. On a side note, we did post their creative apparel site ZAUM in our webgallery last year—and in the same vein as their apparel boutique, the design studio work has that ephemeral appeal of an unique hand-crafted experience.... More

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Zaum Think

Zen 777

Zen 777 | Francesco Grigori Di BeneWhile we can usually tell a lot about a firm or portfolio just by its name (and this one is unfortunate), we can't really gauge a designers passion until we see his work. Well, this portfolio (certainly built for a large screen) showcases a number of fun and exciting logo and Flash websites built for Italian-based businesses and people. What we enjoyed was the ease of naviagtion of the portfolio, and the obvious enjoyment this designer gets out of doing this kind of work. 'Nuff said.... More

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Zen 777 | Francesco Grigori Di Bene

Satellites Mistaken for Stars

Satellites | Alexander EggerIf you want to see some great collages and mixed media art in a graphic style, look no further than the explorations and emissions of Italian-born artist Alexander Egger. This simple site is a collection of his thoughtful, beautiful, visual essays and explorations, which come in the form of several short 'zines and even his own monograph, published by Ginko Press. While Alex has several conduits for creating expressive mixed media pieces, much of his professional work is minimal and reserved in both color palette and composition – but his knack for breaking the rules with his own artistic style is what makes his work expressive and contemporary. Great identity work, print, posters, and graphic installations.... More

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Satellites | Alexander Egger

Trozo Studio

Trozo StudioTrozo is the personal creative studio of Eduardo Valdivieso, an Italian living in Los Angeles, who produces some very strong print and web design work. His skills span art direction, print design, illustration and animation... Kind of like a modern day renaissance man (and we're not just saying tha because he has roots in Italy), Eduardo really does have the ability to create a range of different styles—from distressed and "arty"... to clean, and "Microsofty".... More

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Trozo Studio


St.FrancisA gorgeous little website for this Italian multimedia studio, St.Francis uses a very fun connect-the-dots motif to draw us into their portfolio. Their work spans from advertising to web, including print and packaging. We also enjoyed their pattern design area—which in our experience is a very overlooked field of design. Overall, a very nice treat – showing a fun and playful design mind is putting all the right pieces together.... More

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ngdesignLines, blots, birds, photos, press clipping, reminders, smiles, phrases, words, perfect clean up... and chaos. Nazairo likes to play with all of these elements to create his graphic art. There are no rules, no limits to communication, no keys, no alarms, and no ground floor, so come in and enjoy the fantastic print work.... More

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The Brain Box

The Brain BoxIllustrators live in a fantasy world. And THANK GOD, because without a little fantasy (mixed in with a heaping of tragedy), this world would have no humor... So. Is there a lesson to be learned? Well, don't take yourself too seriously, and express yourself fully and as often as possible. Or just follow the lead of amazing illustrator and designer Mauro Gatti.... More

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The Brain Box


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