May 28, 2023

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At first glance of the Suponix site and its brushed steel background complete with a reflecting logo and 3D robots, we immediately thought of a single word; "polished". Delving into this Ukraine-based multimedia firm, this was confirmed by a showcase of highly refined and detailed design work. Apparently, Suponix is developing on a 3D cartoon among their other projects, such as web design, Flash, video production and 3D visualization services (read: industrial design). Their web work is quite special too... But to visit Suponix, you have to understand their obsession with 3D, shiny metallic textures, and especially modeling and animating robots. It's pretty cool stuff - definitely not your everyday web design firm, yet it's all nicely packaged, presented and very polished.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jul 24, 2006


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