Feb 07, 2023

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In one of the most original illustrated and interactive portfolio interfaces we've seen in recent time, we happily introduce you to a bright and colorful landscape of the PARK studio website. Strong in both packaging and motion design, we were wowed by their fun Flash interface that requires you to 'awaken' the birds from the trees to view the projects. The site trancends language barriers, so you won't need to learn Russian to figure out this firm has a fabulous level of creativity as you view the design projects spanning multiple mediums.

Clients: Motorola, MTV, Bombay Saphire


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jul 20, 2006


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A select list of global web design firms and companies producing designs for screens outside of the U.S.A. From Japan to Sweden, the UK to Brazil and Australia to Poland... Around the world and back.



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