Jun 07, 2023

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Stella Im Hultberg

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Stella Im Hultberg

Personally, illustration doesn't get sexier than some of Stella's instantly arousing lush ink and oil paintings on tea-stained paper -- and it won't matter if you are male or female. Her pouty lipped little ladies in leggings almost breath with a sort of sultry passion and curiosity that simply leave us wanting more. And there are certainly several to see in the same style... but who could want for less of something so lovely? Not us... definitely not us!

Clients: Currently showing almost monthy at the thinkspace gallery


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jan 10, 2007


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Fine artists who can draw, paint, sketch, render illustrations and compose creative drawings. Classic illustrators, digital (pixel) illustrators, urban artists and editorial illustrators are all considered for this listing.



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