May 27, 2022

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Conclave Obscurum

Posted under illustration, motion design, tv & branding, Russian Federation.

Conclave Obscurum

Photographic "fantasmagoria" at its finest. A prelude to a newly-redesigned website offers enough weird eye candy and interactive video vignettes to keep the most discerning surrealist smiling -– albeit in a twitchy, mentally-deranged sort of way. Simply put: these folks offer fine examples of twisted art. We can only hope the Slipknot CDs and prints of René Magritte (yes, there is an alternative to Dali) can keep us tweaking until Conclave Obscurum III comes along.


Reviewed by on Nov 23, 2004


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Fine artists who can draw, paint, sketch, render illustrations and compose creative drawings. Classic illustrators, digital (pixel) illustrators, urban artists and editorial illustrators are all considered for this listing.



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