Jun 04, 2023

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Brent Mottley

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Brent Mottley

Brent is an artist with many different tastes, and a wide range of design talents. Specifically we loved his illustrations, which are obviously the focal point of this portfolio. They are simple, and classic, evoking emotion through their collage-like construction which contrasts beautifully with the solitary simplicity of the subject matter. Moving on, we found that Brent also dabbles in multimedia, photography and even composes his own music. Certainly, Brent is an exemplary student of the arts with a deep interest in nature who has a talent for revealing inner beauty, and capturing the emotion of brief moments in time.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jun 28, 2007


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Fine artists who can draw, paint, sketch, render illustrations and compose creative drawings. Classic illustrators, digital (pixel) illustrators, urban artists and editorial illustrators are all considered for this listing.



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