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Visual Dialogue

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Visual Dialogue

Here's a prime example of an outstanding, awarded, professional design firm with every accolade in the field, great clients, a creative director with his own permanent gallery collection at Cooper-Hewitt, and yet... their company web site – while we did like the large-scale photographs – is lacking some basic IA to make it easier to navigate. It's too bad; because a few changes could really make it shine—it's just harder than necessary to get to all the great projects inside this site! But hey, website aside – when it comes to identity design, branding, posters, print work and packaging, you would be hard-pressed to find a stronger firm to help you develop professional, breakthrough creative designs.

Clients: AIGA, Harvard, Institute of Contemporary Art


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 27, 2007


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Pure graphic design firms and companies who produce designs for print, packaging, books, editorial, magazines, exhibits and actually create visuals that you can touch and feel.



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