Apr 23, 2019

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard
Top web design and development firm. Specializes in online marketing.

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Avatar New York
High-end web design, SEO and e-commerce with award winning results.

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247 Media Studios

24-7 Media Studios247 is creative and technical development studio with a rather atypical structure; they are an open company of talented designers and programmers forming a collective, sharing projects and ideas. This in turn leads them to create work for an eclectic group of clients. This freedom to explore what they like leads to some immersive and powerful results for webdesign, multimedia and crossmedia productions. To sum up in a few words? Their Flash sites totally rock.... More

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24-7 Media Studios

büro uebele

büro uebele visuelle kommunikationAn interdisciplinary agency of communicators, designers, engineers and architects. Creating signage, corporate communications and exhibitions. This international office has garnered over 120 awards for their work. Fantastic typography, identity, and print design.... More

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büro uebele visuelle kommunikation

Chewing The Sun

Chewing The SunFrom individual to corporate design, Chewing The Sun is a modern advertising design studio that caters to a class of clients that you might imagine sipping champage in a jacuzzi in the middle of the Swiss alps (though they are based in Germany). From fashion sites to artists, musicians, photographers and individual creatives, Chewing crafts a certain creative mood and polished veneer that appeals to the 'high-life'.... More

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Chewing The Sun

Christian Knopf

Christian KnopfSince 1998, Christian has proved himself across a varied range of disciplines, from identity design, branding, motion graphics, user interfaces and online communication. His work has been published numerous times, and he has also received several online awards. We found his work to successfully and artfully accomplish the goal of completing beautiful designs across several different media - which is a very desirable skill to have today. Christian is based in Dusseldorf, Germany.... More

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Christian Knopf

Claudius Design

Claudius Design | Cape ArconaClean, clever and to the point. Quality logo designs, CD cover art, web layouts and posters, albeit limited to a combination ĎBeat/Bauhausí style. Designer Stefan Claudius provides excellent accessibility to his artwork with well-sized and fast loading thumbnails. The site also provides fonts via a link to Cape Arcona. Enjoyable but not time-consuming Ė both signs of a good designer.... More

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Claudius Design | Cape Arcona


David&GoliathA solid studio firm from Germany, occupied with print and identity design. Tends to focus on corporate design. A very nice portfolio interface design.... More

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Die Gestalten Verlag

Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv)You may initially recognize Die Gestalten as the book publishing company behind many of the zeitgeist ("spirit of the times") fine art graphic, art and architecture books published since 1995. But dgv also plays a much larger role in developing and designing; Their new media studio, based in Berlin, offers curation and consultation in art direction... and creates corporate design projects, artwork, packaging and film productions for music CDís and DVDís as well as web design. Quite a well-rounded firm with a solid core in multiple digital media—this company is definitely one to watch.... More

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Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv)

Flip Flop Flyin'

Flip Flop Flyin'Do you stare so intensely at computer screens that you believe that you occasionally see in pixels? Donít attempt to clear your eyes when visiting Flip Flop Flyiní, where digitizing down is king. A legitimate substitute to playing with Legos, but hi res seekers need not apply!... More

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Flip Flop Flyin'

Fork Unstable Media

Fork Unstable MediaThese guys are just plain cool Ė they have the product and they arenít afraid to make a song & dance of it Ė literally. Websites, video, audio (their favorite media/pastime), a dash of print and a liberal sprinkling of branding over all. Itís also worth mentioning that the products are styled to suit the individual clients. Stick a Fork in it Ė itís done.... More

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Fork Unstable Media

I-D Media

I-D Media Willkommen zu I-D MediaÖthis German-based firm seeks to give a new I.D. to European design. Geared more toward selling service concepts and a little less on showcasing the works themselves, the site voices their commitment to re-creating strategy and marketing plans.... More

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I-D Media

Jung und Pfeffer

contactWhether it be communication design, corporate campaigns, film, book design or stamps, Jung and Pfeffer (a small firm of about 10 people and two offices) is one of the top graphic design firms in Bremen and Amsterdam. This well-awarded agency has talent, smarts and great graphic design work under its belt... as they should, since both of the partners are professors of design (Eckhard Jung - visual design at HfG, Karlsruhe, and Florian Pfeffer - communication design at College of Art, Bremen). They delicately and professionally treat each one of their projects as "treasures", and the output shows a rich and refined graphic and contemporary sensibility that looks to the future at every opportunity. Great work.... More

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Katja Schweiker

Katja SchweikerJust getting back from vacation, we at DT are proud to punctuate this week with a solid portfolio post — the graphic design work of young Katja Schweiker from Germany shows a sopisticated control of the grid and application of typography. Her work is mainly print-based and her "playground" shows an experimental (rougher) side than the clean portfolio may suggest — the site itself is developed by Kai Heuser of Heuserkampf [external link].... More

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Katja Schweiker

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