Mar 30, 2023

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Piloto Cine TV

Piloto Cine TV

Piloto are obviously the rockstars of the motion design industry in Brazil and they have a spanking new portfolio site to prove it! These specialists create interstitial ads for the likes of MTV and Nickelodeon that are mostly visual, with rich illustrations and video clips that use very few words. Developed by GRAFIKONSTRUCT (another Brazilian firm specializing in web and Flash) the site exemplifies this visual nature and blends nicely with their existing style. On the one hand, we wanted this site to be a webdesign pick, but they fit very nicely under designcompanies. Enjoy the eye candy, kids!

Clients: MTV, L'Oreal, Casas Bahia

Posted under film, motion + video.

Piloto Cine TV

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irreverent, interstitials, illustration, edgy, fun

Reviewed by Filip on Jul 9, 2006



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