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About Digitalthread

A web design community and design blog since 1996, Digitalthread selects only the best-of-the-best web design firms, top design companies, online portfolios, graphic design studios, design books, web design resources, design jobs, conferences, design schools... and collects all of these cool links and inspirations in one place. If you like logos, illustration, print, art, t-shirts, graffiti, posters, or anything to do with graphic design, then we are your portal to explore the best of the web.

You can still visit the original site and over a thousand more professional web design links at: http://www.digitalthread.com/webdesignlinks/

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About Digitalthread

Dedicated to the graphic designer, Digitalthread is the oldest existing web design community web site. Built to showcase only a handful of successful web designs back in September 1996, Digitalthread is the currently the designer's home for the finding the best web design companies, and the best designed web sites of all time.

Through all of the last 13 years, Digitalthread remains as just an arrival point on the way to your destination... Your online portal from which to take off and discover the best of what the web has to offer. Finding the ultimate destination is part of your own discovery and exploration process.

Digitalthread re-launched this current design on March 1st 2006. Nostalgic types can still visit the and hunt down links at Original Version 1.0 but it will no longer be maintained or updated after 2006.


People interested in advertising on Digitalthread, purchasing an Enhanced Firm listing, or Posting a Design or Development Job, please visit our Advertising page here.


An experienced group of designers, writers and coders make up the many parts that are Digitalthread. Find out about them below, and visit some of their personal sites and side-projects.


Filip Stoj - b. 1972. Mural artist, designer and entrepreneur. His work has been seen in several web publications from the late 90's covering emerging web designers. Currently running Digitalthread Media Inc. full time, and freelancing for design agencies in New York City.


Bill Keller - b 1978. Bill Keller is our resident production expert. He handles all of our CSS Standards design, coding and MT integration. Bill also runs some of his own online projects: Sweaterbox.net and Ghettocooler.net. He's currently on the west coast working with The Colab.


J. Bowers, David Lowery, And several others...


Tiziana Haug - Graphic designer and true blond, Tiziana assisted us in developing the the new look of Digitalthread 2.0. Her personal portfolio is online at: in the habit.


A big THANKS also goes out to all the people that have supported us, influenced, and/or helped shape this digitalthread in some way. Hugo Manassei, Max Fresen, Scott Nazarian, Marisa Wildwood, Stuart Constantine, Joseph-Muller Brockmann, all of our readers, and anyone who ever submitted a site to our growing archives!

Contact Digitalthread

Please email us at: digitalthread1+contactus [at] gmail